Effectiveness of Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing or web marketing is of huge significance these days as it offers swifter and cost effective methods of marketing one’s products and services online. Internet Marketing Plan
Social network marketing, Search Engine Marketing and blogging are some of its key methods that are utilized by the companies efficiently and effectively. Internet marketing popularity has increased over the years because it offers broad reach to its customers globally. Besides it is cheaper, convenient and speedier as compare to traditional marketing techniques. Moreover, the companies can communicate effectively with its customers and can get rapid feedback from them, this way they can serve their customers better.
What are your thoughts on internet marketing’s success? Apart from its success, how can it be more productive?


  • Guy Battaglia

    Internet marketing rose from the ashes of the stock market crash in 2000-2001. It ‘bloggers’ at that time abused the internet by posting fictitious stories about stocks in order to drive up their value through the ‘viral component’ of the http://WWW…today, the same conditions thing still exist but much more efforts by many more legitimate enterprises are trying to benefit form the same response factors as the ‘rip off artists’ had in the past.
    It is a beautiful thing…I like comparing it to the Wild West or at least the ‘Barbary Coast’…difficult times to try to live but if you do, well, you will have more difficult time ahead, guaranteed.

  • Erica Friedman

    For small and medium sized businesses Internet Marketing is the best way to stay in touch with customers. For large businesses, it’s another advertising channel and they are mostly missing the boat as it sails.
    Effective Internet Marketing is not placing ads on sites and hoping they are seen, or running click-through campaigns or SEO, but a strategy that combines all of these and a authentic communication strategy to be where the customers are and be responsive to them. When companies achieve this, there is no doubt that it is effective.

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