E&C – Equipment Management App for SAP S4HANA


Swift E&C – Equipment Management app for SAP S4HANA provides highly functional and extremely user-friendly mobile, tablet and web user-interface with QR Code and Bar Code scan capability to quickly have a glance of equipment’s details and transfer equipment. Simplify equipment management so you know the location and status of each asset.
This mobile-first app allows users to manage all aspects of your equipment from a single interface.

Swift E&C – Equipment Management App provides the following key features:

Note: You need Swift platform service to use this application.

Equipment Inquiry

Swift E&C – Equipment Management App provides the Equipment Inquiry details with the following records:


  • Equipment Number 
  • Description
  • Equipment Status
  • Customer Number 
  • Site Number Description 
  • Product Family
  • Location


  • Serial Number
  • Unit Number
  • Remark
  • Installation Date
  • Branch Description
  • Longitude
  • Latitude

Equipment Customer History

Swift E&C – Equipment Management app provides the feature to just input the Equipment Number and get the Customer History as per the following format:

  • Customer Number 
  • Owner Description
  • Site Number
  • Site Number Description
  • Location
  • Begin Date
  • Begin Time
  • Ending Date
  • And more 

Depreciation Information

Swift E&C – Equipment Management app provides feature to tap any Equipment Number from Equipment Inquiry to get Depreciation information as per the following details:

  • Asset Number 
  • Fiscal year 
  • Accum Depr Account
  • Revenue Account
  • Company Number 
  • Asset Cost Account
  • Depr Exp Account

Location Transfer

Swift E&C – Equipment Management app provides feature to transfer equipment to any location to entering the following fields:

Location Transfer:

  • New Customer Number
  • Remarks
  • Start Effective Date
  • Update Children
  • Current Site Number 

Location Transfer:

  • New Site Number 
  • Location Code
  • Start Effective Time
  • Equipment Number
  • Current Customer Number 

Click to Transfer 

Work Order

Swift E&C – Equipment Management App provides option to put the Equipment Number only to get the details with the following:

  • Order Number 
  • Work Order Description
  • Work Order Status
  • Work Order Type 
  • Priority
  • Equipment Number 
  • Status Comment
  • Reference
  • Order Date
  • Planned Start Date 
  • Planned Finish Date
  • Actual Finish Date
  • Actual Hours


Dashboard View

Swift E&C – Equipment Management app provides a quick snapshot of the total Equipment Status and more.

Here are some key elements of the Dashboard:

  • The Dashboard Widgets are configurable to get the Equipment Inquiry, Depreciation Information, Location Transfer and Work Order details as per the code and status.

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