Dress up (and stay at home!) for a Video Interview

Recruitment styles and techniques have evolved, and recently I wrote about how Social Recruiting has emerged as a smart way of pulling the best man from the social pool. Another trending recruitment process is the very innovative Video Interviewing. So, instead of interviewing the candidate in person, a video interview is essentially a job interview that takes place via a video technology platform.
In a business setting, the potential of the video technology needs to be harnessed and the realization has dawned in many an organization that this method will help them cut back on travel costs (if you’re a global company) and shorten recruitment cycle time. Speaking for the candidate, I would say he’d be a lot less stressed in this form of interview.
The scheduling process eats up a lot of time – getting the candidates and hiring managers in one place requires a lot of scheduling and then the time of execution of screening calls is ridiculously steep. But automate the process with pre-recorded videos that can be viewed at convenience, time is respected! It also frees the recruiters from scheduling and re-scheduling with candidates and hiring managers to get everybody’s meeting synced up for just one call.
The interview can be live – looks like a traditional job interview but can be recorded as well, or it could be asynchronous where the interview questions and the candidate’s responses are both recorded at different times at their convenience. Looks like a great way to search for potential candidates who can respond to the questions in the best manner.
The video interviewing technique seems interesting – let’s look at the ways in which it is useful:
• First and foremost, it’s time efficient. Whether it’s live or asynchronous scheduling a video call is much faster than a personal meeting!
• Save the ride – it’s cost efficient when the candidate or the manager doesn’t have to fly the distance.
• The candidate experiences less stress and is able to respond confidently.
• If the responsibilities include presentations, the candidate can share his prepared work.
• Permanent access to archived videos
It’s really a smart idea, and with software rolling out to ease and improve the recruitment processes – employing videos and social media channels, there are more chances of landing the perfect candidate for the right job.