Does Galaxy S4 Scare Apple

March 14th, Samsung announced their next Galaxy S4 with some cool new features and touchless technology to control the phone with your eyes movement only. Since it’s launch people are giving mix feedback about this new phone also where the experts were discussing if it’s a product good enough to beat iPhone, Apple made a move after two days of this announcement.
The smartphone king Apple launched a webpage enlightening why iPhone is a better product and there’s nothing to fear from their competition. This page tells why iPhone users should be proud and reminds them about the features they are enjoying with it.
“There’s iPhone and then there’s everything else” is the headline of the page, telling why it’s unlike any other phone in the market. Here’re some of them;
• The iPhone has received eight consecutive J.D. Power and Associates awards for customer satisfaction with consumer smartphones.
• Only the iPhone and other Apple products have Retina display.
• The iPhone has a long battery life — including up to eight hours of talk time — while maintaining a “thin and light design.”
• The iPhone has “ultrafast” wireless and LTE.
• Only the iPhone and other Apple products have access to the iTunes Store and the App Store, which offers over 800,000 apps. What’s more, they are all reviewed by Apple to protect against malware.
• Only the iPhone has Siri, the intelligent personal assistant.
This webpage clearly indicates that Apple is trying to remind its customers that as to why it has been the love mark and why they shouldn’t go to their competition.
Do you think the company is now running scared following after the much awaited launch of Galaxy S4?


  • Galaxy S4 is cooler than iPhone

  • My iPhone is way more better than any android phone. it’s the best phone

  • I dont think Apple needs to prove anything, it’s a coolest phone available. nuff said!

  • Samsung is going to beat Apple. this galaxy is the first step on their neck .. hehe

  • Galaxy S4 is awesome, your move Apple 😛

  • I don’t think fear of a competitor is a concept Apple would consider in public or private. However, the truth is that there is a drastically smaller gap between the two companies (with a host of runners up vying for recognition).
    Apple is edging towards mainstream and this is what should scare them. They are no longer head and shoulders above the rest and Samsung is working over time to become the premium alternative to Apple…and is edging closer to that goal.
    There have been cries of “How can Samsung claim to be premium, when it also fulfills the budget market”. This is a valid point, but now that the coming of a ‘budget iPhone’ is all but confirmed, Tim Cook seems to have bowed to the potential in China and India and sacrificed Steve Jobs ambitions to remain premium, no matter what. I believe this is a sound move,in view of the current market conditions, but the future may tell a different story and we will have to wait for that.
    An interesting topic, and one that I am sure will spark intense debate.

  • I think the smartphones era is on at it’s end, the next big thing will be the “glasses”.
    Take a look at google glass , Microsoft is also working on something similar…

  • Hi Aziz,
    Thanks for sharing.
    In my honest opinion, Samsung made a mistake with it’s Galaxy S4 smartphone. It has remarkable resolution, 2GB of RAM, powerful CPU in both versions, but: the price is too high. The price was always a powerful argument to buy a Samsung instead of iPhone and now the price is almost same as the price of iPhone 5. And there will be an iPhone 5s in couple of months revealed for the same price as iPhone 5.
    I think FullHD resolution is too much for 5 inches but OK, it is a technology progress. But design is not really very original or truly nice.
    I used Galaxy S2 and now I own Galaxy S3 but I am sure I will not buy the S4 or other Android based competitors with this kind of pricing.

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