Mirror Mirror On The Wall, Who’s Got Disney Content in Español

Disney is among the handful of names everyone grows up with a connection to, from princesses and princes that save the day to enemies that cause trouble, Disney caters to the young and young at heart. Who can forget watching the Lion King and Cinderella when they were kids? A trip to Disneyland has been a dream for every toddler.
Disney is by far one of the biggest entertainment companies in the world and Disney Parks is one of its five major businesses. It handles the concepts, building and designs of the company’s vacation resorts and theme parks as well as other family oriented leisure businesses. Starting in 1971 with Magic Kingdom and Walt Disney World in Florida and joining the original Disneyland in California, now Disney Parks is a global theme parks enterprise with Disney resorts and parks spread across the globe. The company hosts more than 12 million guests annually making Disney Parks the world’s most visited theme Parks.

A Local Image

In this age of globalization, every company is looking for a local identity for each market that their business is located. Disney Parks wanted exactly that.
Spanish has the second most number of native speakers in the world and is one of the fastest growing languages in North America specially the United States. A huge of amount of Disney viewers and park goers speak Spanish as a first language. In fact George W. Bush was quoted as saying that he may be the last American president who doesn’t knows Spanish.
To create a local image and reach out to a large Spanish speaking audience, Disney Parks wanted to integrate their content with the Spanish version of AOL’s Travel page.

Introduzca Ephlux

Disney needed to integrate its content with the Spanish version of AOL Travel site. Who better to go for an integration solution but Ephlux? We worked with a design agency, Flipcode, based in Los Angeles, who provided web design which our development team used to integrate Disney Park’s content with AOL’s Travel website’s framework using standard based integration technologies.
Ephlux provided a quick solution to Disney’s Spanish needs with round the clock pre and post launch support.

A Partnership like Mickey and Goofy

Disney got its content in Spanish and now has a lot more customers to interact as they now literally speak their language. Ephlux got a great story to tell from our experience working with Disney. Disney gained a reliable development provider who was there to do the job when they needed. This partnership was one like the characters of Mickey and Goofy with both helping each other out and being able to rely on the other.

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