Digital PA: Making Life Livable

Using the power of digital, this company wished to have a trouble-free releasing system that would revolutionize how the video production houses go about their business and Ephlux designed for them an iPad based Digital PA!
Green-lighting Digital Productions
The releasing process for production requires many man-hours to come to completion. Our client wished to free production houses from all this hassle and follow-ups and turned to Ephlux to answer their distress call.
Our client had wished for a system to be created to simplify and modernize the releasing process. The system should instantly create a database from uploaded contracts, which should be searchable and archive-able.  The client basically wanted a worthy solution to the releasing needs – a paperless solution that would buy them some time in the all-so-busy world of production.
Excellence in digital production is an absolutely critical element for success today.  With the ever thinning budgets, effective digital production can deliver immediate savings and ROI gains. Tweaking the flexibility factor of digital production, production partners can have “on-demand” access to the team – calling on the exact skills and expertise when they need them, hence making the process time-efficient as well.
A Sketch of the Digital PA
An affordable, flexible professional Personal Assistant is an invaluable resource to businesses, and when this asset goes digital, life becomes convenient. Many an app have been designed and developed to process, manage and archive paperless documents just to make documentations simpler and the world a little greener.
The remarkable features of this Digital PA comprise of:

  • managing the unlimited contracts simultaneously
  • executing the releases online and offline seamlessly , with digital signatures
  • creating a secure and searchable database on a server
  • managing a central account for multiple users

A Little Tech-talk
Building the Digital PA with experience and backing it up with technology resulted in the very convenient “digital contracting” – one that offers function and conservation. Basically developed for iPad, supporting iOS 4.2 and above, the Digital PA’s backend has been developed using LAMP stack, with an administration panel and web services. The application was created with outstanding capabilities, as mentioned below:

  • Create secured digital signatures
  • Create PDF documents
  • Mark Geo-tagging with individual contract signing
  • Real-time synchronization
  • Offline storage (to be internet-independent)

Mission: Simplify and Modernize
The adroit team at Ephlux took up the job to streamline the complete process of releasing from creating deliverables down to the contract. The client was assured to expect an all-in-one solution that would mould the outmoded process of releasing to a modernized system that would be portable, fast, accurate and efficient. The client was asked to sit and back and unwind with a hot cup of tea while Ephlux’s adept developers prepare a simple process to follow of print, sign, take a photograph and save.
Hello Happy World.
The client was overwhelmed with the system’s smartness and performance and was eager to work with Ephlux in the future as well. Providing our Digital PA as a service to production hubs, resulted in leveraging consolidated teams as well and in essence dramatically reduced labor costs and increased productivity (in addition to providing the ability to work across time zones).
It’s Ephlux at your service when you get chunk more than you had wished for. We worked to please the customer, but accomplished much more than that, with a greener, healthier and paperless environment.