Webinar: Digital Field Service for JD Edwards with IoT Orchestrator

  1. Do your customers need to wait for hours not knowing when their service engineer will arrive?
  2. Is your field service organization struggling to meet maintenance SLAs?
  3. Is your service profitability under pressure?

Gartner have predicted that within 2 years , 5% of customer service cases will be autonomously initiated in a hyper-connected world with more and smarter ‘things’ that connect to the internet.

Modern field service solutions need to be built on an Internet of Things (IoT) -ready platform capable of dealing with, and making optimal use of, the huge increase in connections and data volumes that are a result of this trend. They also need to connect seamlessly with the core ERP processes to keep the service policies, inventory, cost accounting and billing to remain in synch in the real-time.

JD Edwards integrated with 3rd-Generation Field Service and IoT for predictive maintenance

Furthermore, your organization will have the ability to connect all these devices to execute the field work generated using a modern, self-learning and predictive 3rd generation Field Service Solution at the heart of the operation.

What’s the way to increased service profitability?

Efficiency and reducing costs remains important and with growing demands there is an ever-increasing need to improve the productivity of field service engineers. However, increasingly it is improved customer satisfaction that differentiates service organizations and leads to increased retention, contract renewals and new revenue opportunities as a way of increasing service profitability. In order to achieve these goals there is an increased need to:

  • Book achievable customer service appointments based upon timely and accurate information about available capacity in the service operation.
  • Continuously learn about the behavior of individuals or teams in the service organization to create specific work profiles for each.
  • Accurately predict the start and completion times of all planned work along with parts requirements.
  • Communicate predicted arrival, departure and other information to customers via multiple channels ensuring they remain informed at all times.
  • Improve first time fix rates through accurate analysis of the fault and prediction of parts and skill requirements.
  • Empower technicians to excel by delivering the required expert support and knowledge directly to them in the field when required.

In the Webcast, you will learn:

  • How Oracle’s Field Service Cloud platform can be used by our JD Edwards customers as a 3rd Generation Digital Field Service platform, empowering mobile workers, improving customer satisfaction, gaining insight and taking action faster
  • How IoT will change the service delivery model to become hyper-connected and almost entirely predictive and pro-active
  • How JD Edwards and a Field Service platform integrate and interact in an architecture that is IoT-enabled

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