Get started with your "ownCloud"

“OwnCloud” is similar to cloud storage tools like Amazon, Dropbox and Google except that it has one massive difference – it allows you to host your own “OwnCloud” server, where you are able to manage and control it yourself.
What you need to setup your ownCloud?

  • Server with LAMP
  • PHP extensions

PHP Extensions:

php5 (>= 5.3)

What are the benefits of your ownCloud?

  • Control your server your own way.
  • Automatic backup and versioning of all your data.
  • Store, Share and Keep your files the way you want to.
  • Increase Disk Space as much as you want.
  • Support for video streaming.
  • Client available in different OS and Mobile as well.
  • Supported ODF viewer.

What you can achieve with ownCloud?
Personal Users
Users can upload pictures, videos, musics, documents and contacts on ownCloud and it also supports streaming where users can watch video, listen music directly on server and share it with friends.

Business Users
ownCloud is most effective for business users to backup important data, centralize administration, support file versioning, file sharing and most importantly it is hosted on your server, where you can increase disk space as much as you want, setup security layer to avoid downtime and place it in your own datacenter.

As you can see, this was pretty easy to accomplish. You should have now your very own private storage of files, It is easy to access files on the server, either via its web interface, a webdav share, or the clients provided.
for those who like to be in control of all of their data and enjoy playing around with software, I would definitely recommend giving ownCloud a shot.

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