Data Integration Trends Shape Business Projects – Getting Basics Straight

Approach to doing business the right way has changed – the focus has shifted from the business-wide effort being to drive just sales and profitability and towards allowing the data to be transparent, secure and private. With data growing big and strong, businesses are hungrier than ever – wanting accurate and quick information to work the operations and customer responsiveness efficiently. So what happens is inevitable – the data integration becomes a giant all the more!
So what is this data integration really? A technology designed to make it easy for you to combine different sources of data (modern relational databases, desktop applications, social media comments, blog postings, machine sensor data) together to produce useful business information. Now, this technology needs to be flexible but not compromising to blend easily any new source that comes out smiling.
data integration evolve
The Figure above shows the number of data sources has exploded. Instead of a single source of data, you now must contend with multiple, diverse sources.
The beauty of Data integration is that it’s being used to produce more useful and differentiating business information. Data has meaning and relationships that change over time, so you need data integration tools that not only move data but enable you to adapt quickly as needs change.
The challenges that run along with the Data Integration processes are not just technical – and that’s not good news. Technical problems are measurable and identifiable and thus be resolved. The challenges are the variety, the volumes of data and the velocity with which it is moving at you or God forbid, past you! Lastly, the Veracity and Value that the data holds cannot be forgone. When there’s Big Data – too much information to handle, you need to make sure all that you have is true to its value.
In today’s competitive business environment, organizations need to be agile in order to succeed. You need to cut out the fat and move faster than your competitors to win. All the more reason for you to be up and agile, taking up Data integration like a true promise!