CX Global Hangout – Modern Service Experience for Consumer Retail & Appliances

Hangout: Modern Service Experience for Consumer Electronics, Home Appliances & Retail


  1. M. Ali Nasim – CEO, Ephlux
  2. Scott Costantini – Oracle CRM- Service Automation Group at Oracle USA
  3. Patty Guerrero – Sr. Manager, Solutions Consulting at Oracle USA
  4. Juancho Jerusalem – Regional Sales Director | Customer eXperience | ASEAN & SAGE Oracle Singapore
  5. Syed Mazhar – CX Account Director, Ephlux

Agenda – What do we cover in this Hangout?

  1. Why do you need a modern service experience? [Setting up the context – how the customer relationship with the brands has fundamentally changed and what are the drivers for that change]
  2. How can the customer expectations be understood from a pure outside-in approach and how does customer journey mapping helps with that?
  3. ​Can you give an example of a customer expectation in the consumer retail / consumer electronics / home appliance setting? Here we discuss more typical customer support use-cases of a consumer electronics customer can be addressed esp the need for servicing across the channels and also at their doorstep for their home appliances etc.
  4. In context of the above discussion, please share insights from your respective markets – each participant takes a minute to share some market insights as to how the companies are catering to this new customer with heightened expectations and what do they foresee in the future.
  5. What should be a typical CX architecture for an enhanced customer journey for such a customer across the touchpoints? [Here discuss an overall architecture of how the personalized campaign mgmt (marketing cloud), web experience, social experience, contact center, self-servicing, knowledge management, field-force, integration to backend ERPs, franchise network all needs to be in one CX oriented architecture
  6. What role IoT plays in proactive customer servicing for consumer electronics? Quick discussion to address how integration of CRM and field force app with IoT enabled smart home appliances can help be proactive with customer servicing.
  7. How would you recommend the consumer electronics and home appliance companies to start their venture into the CX space?

Watch the LIVE hangout OR the recorded video of the hangout

We would love to hear your feedback on the hangout and also some of the challenges that you’re facing with customer experience for your consumer electronics and home appliances business. We would love to hear your challenges and help you out: