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Create / Import new Entry Form

Login to Swift App Design Studio

Login in to the App Design Studio using your Swift admin account:

Applications Control Interface

Select the Application tab from the sidebar. Click the particular application you want to create the new Entry Form for.

Import new Entry Form

 This will open up the App Designer:

Click Import icon
to import a new Entry Form.

  1. Enter the name of the new Entry Form.
  2. Select the underlying JD Edwards Application.
  3. Select the Application Version.
  4. Select the underlying JD Edwards Form Name.
  5. Enter the Save Action ID (this is the control ID of the Search button on this underlying JD Edwards form)

This will import the new Entry Form based on the selected JD Edwards Form.

Remove fields that you don’t want and group them under different Headings and use Line Breaks to format it better:

Configure Controls

Click on Edit on the Control to configure it. For a drop-down, tag, multiple-choice and check-boxes you can select either the JDE Table Fields or JDE Form Fields to populate them as follows:

Get Distinct Records in Tags: Click on the edit button to configure it. Through the “search and validate” option, you can retrieve updated or validated data each time you enter data into the forms. Also, by selecting the “Distinct” option, you can retrieve only singular data from tags.