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Create Find/Browse Form

Login to Swift App Design Studio

Login into the App Design Studio using your Swift admin account:

Click the Application tab from the side bar.

Click the particular application you want to create the new Find/Browse Form for. This will open up the App Designer:

Click the
button to create a new Find/Browse Form.

You can either opt for the Form Service or the Data Service to be rendered in the End-User app.

Incase of the Form Service:

  1. Enter the name of the new Find/Browse Form.
  2. Select the underlying JD Edwards Application.
  3. Select the Application Version.
  4. Select the underlying JD Edwards Form Name
  5. Enter the Search Action ID (this is the control ID of the Search button on this underlying JD Edwards form)

Incase of the Data Service:

  1. Select either of the Tables or Business Views
  2. Choose the option from the Drop Down.

Find/Browse Form Designer

Click on the new Find/Browse Form title. This will open up the Find/Browse Form Designer.

The Find/Browse Form Designer consists of:

Search Criteria Designer

Select the Fields you want to add in the Search Box for this Find/Browse Form:


Select the Cache settings.

Header Actions

Enter the name and Actions field in the Header Actions section. This functionality gives you a quick route to a particular form etc. 

Grid Designer

Select the Fields  you want to show on the grid.

Card View Mapper

Select the color and type of font you want to customize your fields with in the Card view page of the end-user app

View Page Mapper

Map the Grid fields with the View/Action Form.

Map Actions Section

  • Enter Action name and choose View action form from the side bar.
  • Press Save

This section works the same way as View page mapper, except, now you can open a view/ Action form even without depending on a Find/Browse column field



Save the Settings and your Find/Browse Form is now ready to be used in the End User App.

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