Create New REST based Channel

Login to Swift App Design Studio

Login in to the App Design Studio using your Swift admin account:

Click on the ‘Channels’ button from the sidebar Menu and Click the 
button to create a new Delivery Channel

  1. Select the REST Client from the Drop down menu
  2. Enter the name of the Channel of your choice
  3. Click Submit

Press the edit button of your newly created channel


  1. Type Hostname, port and ‘TYPE’ of your Rest based Channel 
  2. Enter Key and Value for your REST based channel from the Header Section.
  3.  You can edit name, Type and End Point  for your database from the Collections section 

Add headers and collections in Rest Channel

Click on the channels list and click on the edit button on the right of the classic Rest channel row.

Under the channel settings, click on the headers bar. You can add extra headers by clicking on the plus button next to the bar

Under the header’s settings, click on the collections bar. You can add extra information by clicking on the plus button

Save the Settings and your new REST based Channel is configured.

     Next Steps: