Connoisseurs of Cloud Services Deliver Enhanced CX

“The new battleground for commerce is social, local and mobile. To deliver a context-aware, unique experience, mobile has changed everything. Mobile has put us back on the map.” says Jason Fei, Director Architecture, e-commerce, Walgreens.


When it comes to their customers, every business seems to be an expert – knowing the needs, wants and wish lists inside out, but combining this intuitive power with a connoisseur of cloud services will render businesses competitive and empower their company. This magical combination promises to make leaders in the market by developing an unparalleled consumer cloud product.
Businesses need to step up and optimize the consumer products by focusing on enhancing Customer Experience and what better way to do that than by forming quality partnerships that blend together to deliver exceptional customer experiences (CX) across the web, social networks and contact centers, via the cloud. The new hero, the CX Cloud, is the best platform there is, to integrate your enterprise systems with awe-inspiring customer experiences!
Integrating a business unit with the CX Cloud has benefits galore – by hosting the innovative customer-centric business processes on the cloud, the on-premise business systems can be connected with the cloud-based services and digital channels including mobile, social, location-based and in-store experiences – and makes the Customer Experience worth the while!
Ephlux has always promised to design to fit and suit your business goals, and yet again with its CX Cloud, Ephlux is delivering success at your doorstep. With meaningful integrations, and a multitude of options for you to turn on or off a particular component, Ephlux offers you flexibility to match your consumer’s unique instances.
With Ephlux, you can expect consistent realignment of strategies to be in tandem with new product features, have immediate access to new product upgrades and apps and keep doors of communication always open to customer’s feedbacks and to share areas of interest.