Connecting the dots: Patient Experience, Marketing and Compassion

NRH Health published an insightful piece in Jan 2019 highlighting the 3 predictions for patient experience in 2019 as follows:
1. Patient experience and marketing will move closer together
2. Proactivity will rule the day
3. Health leaders will put less emphasis on quantitative measures of satisfaction

PX Pulse team believes that as 2020 draws closer all 3 are converging towards one central theme of keeping a proactive pulse of the patient experience. Quoting from the original article at NRH Health (full article here)
Screenshot (2)

Like in other industries, marketing has shifted away from large big ticket campaigns towards the brand creating micro-moments-of-truth for its consumers across their journey.

Being able to predict, personalize and pro-act in those “moments” is more applicable for health consumers than it is for any product or service.

So, not just that patient experience will keep getting closer to marketing, but more so in a predictive, personalized and proactive manner and the brand will turn into a vehicle that orchestrates such personalized patient experiences at scale.

Connecting the dots between Patient Experience, Marketing and Compassion

This brings us to the third prediction that putting emotions and compassion before the scores is increasingly going to be critical.

As any consumer marketer worth his salt would tell you – the best marketing is the one that touches your customer’s real emotions. In no other industry are the emotions more heightened, more relevant and more determinant to the future relationship with the provider than they are in healthcare.

Going back to the point that the ability of creating personalized and proactive micro-moments-of-truth through predictive analytics is going to be the winner.

Creating such experiences at scale would need a framework that can let the care providers predict those experiences, proactively intervene and seamlessly collaborate on them as one team, and integrate them with the system of record i.e. EHRs.

While you’re thinking about it, I’ll leave you with this video to help visualize that in quick 45 seconds: