Collaborative Healthcare……Availability is the name of the game!

Software companies worldwide have been focusing the healthcare industry for automation and collaboration since a long a period of time now. Several electronic record systems have been introduced and implemented since the renounce of the term “EMR”.
Although these solutions as promised removed paper based system thus reducing costs and implemented a single system in place of several independent systems that were used hospital wide but  what most of such solutions lack was the actual collaboration of the hospital staff and the patients.
The new era of healthcare automation solutions address this collaboration of the actual actors of the system through the widely approved close group social network, mobile applications and most wanted these days through IPhone or Smartphone solutions.
These platforms allow the organizations actually discuss, communicate and collaborate with each other thus enhancing the availability of the organization to their patients/clients anytime and anywhere!
Although there have been quite a lot of discussions on what can be discussed on a social network and what can’t but an intelligent authorization can reduce the chances of information leakage and other security issues associated with social networks as the positive results that can be derived through such solutions are far greater than the risks associated. The SmartPhone versions of such applications are even more advantageous as in addition to providing collaboration, document management, and virtual team workspace they can also speed up the communication mechanism overcoming the old duty and emergency paging applications etc.
The new generation security enabled technologies promise to provide a framework that’s flexible more dependable with easy access to information that the healthcare organizations need today to match up with the new hi-tech business processes. The new healthcare solutions thus need not only to be integrated but also needs to provide more connection and communication between the organization, actors(doctors,nurses,staff etc) and patients in an easy environment.

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