BPO is a two-way road!

I came across a thoughtful question posted by a contact on Linked In, Phil Fersht Research Director, BPO, Offshoring and IT Services at AMR Research:
Can the Indian offshore suppliers be successful in HR Outsourcing?
It is important to understand that it is not one-way. The question should not only be whether the developing countries can be successful in providing HR Outsourcing Services to the developed ones – It is a two-way road.
A more important question is whether the developed countries can be successful in utilizing the advantages of global expertise and scale in India or otherwise, in order to stay competitive.
As long as we don’t understand holistically and respond cumulatively to the opportunities and issues associated with global sourcing, and keep making the demarcation strong between the onshore and offshore will not keep on limiting our success.
We need to look at the BPO issues not just as customers alone OR outsourcing vendors alone. We together as partners need to analyze each others strengths, capabilities and weaknesses, and capitalize on them to each others advantage by aligning our business models and delivery frameworks to attain a shared success through such BPO engagements.
All in all, its high time that we grow the BPO business models out of the master-slave / onshore-offshore mind-set and rather think to aggressively charge our business models by availing opportunities presented by global talent pools. Strategically carved out and collaboratively executed processes made possible through bundled IT/BPO contracts are the future! (The debate about onshore, offshore etc. would start loosing relevance as we move on to the next decade).

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