Agile Outsourcing Advisors winning the race

Lets face it – staying lean, agile and mobile is the trend which is catching up everywhere – not just consulting or advisory services. Maintaining a leaner infrastructure thus smaller overheads these low-cost outsourcing advisors are following what they preach. After all, most of their customers are considering IT outsourcing arrangements to keep themselves competitive, agile and cost-effective. Now if they can find in an advisory partner someone who is lean and agile itself, thats definitely a right start.
I would contemplate that most of these advisory companies which themselves are lean would advice their customers to prefer outsourcing providers which have lower over-head costs and don’t follow bulky bueraucratic approaches (as this over-head costs are only ultimately borne by these customers)
This translates not only in a cost-advantage for their customers alone, but also in better profit margins for the leaner outsourcing advisors and outsourcing providers. So its a win-win-win for all 3, and the only ones to loose out in the future would be the FAT ones out there. Also, another interesting trend to note which favors these smaller players is that the average contract size is getting smaller day-by-day although greater number of relatively smaller-value yet more focused contracts are popping up.

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