Accelerate your Midsize Businesses’ ROI with Oracle and JD Edwards

JD Edwards has an established reputation of being an ERP with a Low Cost of Ownership. Now, with the added bonus of Oracle Accelerate, it is easier to implement and increases productivity for midsize companies.
Oracle Accelerate for improved performance and growth for Midsize Companies
Oracle Accelerate is a way for midsize companies to install applications at a faster speed and lower cost. Available for many industries around the world, midsize companies look at Oracle solutions to help them grow their business.
Avoid implementation roadblocks through preinstalled customization
Oracle Business Accelerators bring with them configuration tools for:

  • Region and industry specific business flows and configuration content.
  • An online Q&A tool to capture customer specific requirements and use it for customized configuration.

Midsize companies can avail these tools to configure JD Edwards ERP for most of their needs without having to customize applications themselves. The result will be a swifter implementation and quicker ROI.
Find the right balance and be able to tweak it
The perfect balance of flexibility, functionality and complexity is very important for midsize businesses when they’re choosing a complete and integrated ERP system, and an IT infrastructure to go with it.
A system that’s too flexible can lead to confusion. One with low complexity can lead to operational needs not being met.
Oracle JD Edwards enables you to take a modular route. JD Edwards EnterpriseOne configurations are not the final word. They can be customized with the changing requirements of your business.
Room for growth with SOA
When you’re a growing midsize business, you can’t foresee every growth scenario that you may encounter. Expanding products and services and moving into global markets may need integration with other third party applications or extensions to your own ERP. A low Total cost of Ownerships is important when considering these scenarios.
JD Edwards EnterpriseOne has a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) approach. With JD Edwards you only need to learn only one universal toolset to integrate with other applications outside your ERP whether they’re from a third party or from Oracle themselves.
Easily maintainable Top Tier ERP
JD Edwards EnterpriseOne has embedded tools for system wide configuration and development. They’re used when the software is initially implemented as well as for making adjustments for ongoing processes.
Through the use of System Constants, User Defined Codes, Processing Options, Application Versions and Automatic Programming Interfaces (APIs) you can easily make changes without altering code. This will result in easy maintainability and minimizing the role of IT when you need to personalize the interface or customize applications.
Quicker ROI with Oracle Optimized Solution
The Oracle Optimized Solution is designed to reduce the time to design your ERP. This is an ideal roadmap for quicker ROI. JD Edwards EnterpriseOne’s architecture is based on a flexible and scalable toolset but has open standards to let it grow easily together with your business. Oracle software is configured, tuned and tested to be best in class. Throw in Oracle systems and you have a solution that delivers a more cost effective, better performing, easier to manage and support JD Edwards operation.
Every business needs a partner who can advise, and guarantee maximum ROI while fulfilling all its needs. Only then can a business leverage the best from any solution. Therefore, midsize businesses need a reliable and expert technology partner while choosing critical solutions such as JD Edwards and Oracle. If you’re a midsize business aggressively working towards achieving your goals, how do you believe that Oracle and JD Edwards can accelerate your ROI?
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