The Combined Power of Automation: Swift + JDExcelerator + Orchestrator​

Join us for our upcoming webinar as we discuss the power of automation through Swift + JDExcelerator + Orchestrator.


ACBM Solutions – the specialized JD Edwards partner – well known for their JDExcelerator product and Orchestrator trainings – has signed a partnership contract with Ephlux to introduce Swift, the game changing JD Edwards app automation technology, to their customers. Together, Ephlux and ACBM Solutions aim to help JD Edwards customers innovate at a rapid pace using the power of Orchestrator and JDExcelerator with Swift – our low-code, no-code mobile and web app automation platform. 

As the pioneering partners of Orchestrator, with tons of combined experience with multiple customers, Ephlux and ACBM find a great synergy and are now on a common mission of helping our customers innovate with an unprecedented speed and agility.

Both Ephlux and ACBM will now be showcasing the combined power of automation using JDExcelerator and Swift with the Orchestrator bundled together.

“We have partnered with Ephlux because we feel Swift – low-code, no-code platform – provides the key component in the tool set required for an end-to-end automation for JD Edwards customers. Exploiting the power of Orchestrator using Swift for mobility and app automation provides our customers a solid platform on which to innovate for an extreme enterprise agility.

Larry Furino – Founder , ACBM Solutions

How Swift is a “game-changer”?

Swift is a low-code, no-code JD Edwards app automation platform that lets you design, build, deploy and launch mobile and web apps in days, that are automatically integrated with JDE modules, orchestrations, 3rd party apps and databases without having to write a single line of code.

Swift is for JDE app automation , what Orchestrator is for JDE process automation.

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