A Nevada based healthcare IT company gets a ‘partner-for-life’!

When a healthcare Technology and Transcription services provider in Nevada, California was looking for a long term technology partner to take over their technology stack, Ephlux responded!


The company wanted Ephlux to take over the research, architecture, design and development of their healthcare technology product portfolio and take it to the next level. The engagement aimed at re-architecting the existing platform and to build on top of it the latest new product offering for the mid-size clinics, MTSOs and diagnostic centers.
Ephlux took over the technology and business-domain, topped it up with further research and weaved everything into a master-plan which was rolled-out in the subsequent quarters.
Based on a solid, secure and scalable architecture, Ephlux developed the system and took it online within the first 2 months. Ephlux continues to provide maintenance and support as part of an integrated support contract whereby new features are being added on an ongoing basis.


The initial challenge was to reverse-engineer the intricate details of the existing platform from its bulky, unstructured and undocumented source code and a heavy, un-optimized database of medical records.
Ephlux initially dedicated a team of 2 Software Engineers to reverse-engineer the system into a traceable architecture, design and functional specification. The team also re-factored and documented the source code to make it scalable and secure for stronger HIPAA compliance. The aim was to have a solid platform on which multiple specialized applications can be built upon and integrated through a SOA based web-services approach.
Another challenge was to provide an ongoing support to the large active user-base of the existing platform, while maturing the platform and the new applications at the same time. The need was to have a well-thought out roll-out and release management strategy which is least painful to the end customers.


After the initial drill of cleaning up the system, Ephlux took a web-services based SOA approach to move forward. The team started developing further modules, usability features and developed intelligent multi-level workflows for the medical records to flow between physicians, doctor assistants, medical transcriptionists and MT quality control personnel. The whole idea was to make the product very user-friendly and highly usable for physicians WHILE highly productive for the MTSOs.
Keeping this strategy in mind, Ephlux then made a simple-to-use specialized application for the physicians to help them quickly and easily review the transcribed documents. Separate specialized applications were made for doctor assistants and MTs with increasing feature and complexity to provide maximum productivity to each player.
While developing these applications, Ephlux and its partner remained in constant contact with the active user-community including physicians, medical assistants and MTs and noted every small piece of feedback received from them and fed them back in to the design.
Ephlux won yet another ‘customer-for-life’. The two companies are now planning for an even stronger and more involved partnership to take the success story to further heights.

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