8 Tips to Retain and Grow Customers

If you are trying to attract new customers, keeping existing ones happy, or striving to do “both”. One principle holds true: It’s essential to develop solid relationships with your contacts.
Many small businesses suffer because they can’t maintain existing relationships when they are building new ones. In this post we will outline some easy and time tested ways which help to keep your current and past customer singing your praises and bring new ones on board.
Read on to find out.
1. Never say Goodbye
You get excited when your customers grow. It’s a phenomenon that new customers replace old ones but never neglect your past ones. Make it a priority to wish them on their birthdays, send those seasonal cards or even an occasional phone call to make them feel important and valued. Email newsletters are also an easy way to keep in touch but nothing beat a one-one personal message.
2. Knowing competitor’s customer service
Aim to provide your customers with best customer service possible in your industry. Take a look at how your competitor’s handle their customers. Then, out-do them in the service arena.
3. Avoid Blame game
Always accept your mistakes rather than blaming your employees or customers. Take customer’s criticism as a positive step towards your personal growth and company’s success. Even if you feel that the customer’s perspective is biased or outright wrong just shrug it and move on. Don’t take it personally and push back.
4.  Stay Connected
Out of sight; out of mind. Right?
Try to stay connected with your potential customers. Social Networks like Twitter and Facebook actually helps a lot in growing a fan following for your business. If you are not still getting word out through social channels then you are missing big time on an easy and effective way to keep in touch.
Again, email newsletters are an effective way to stay in touch. MailChimp and Constant Contacts are two services which can help you kick start your newsletter service.
5. Follow AIDA (attention, interest, desire, action)
AIDA means first grabbing customer’s attention then creating their interest/desire and finally making them take an action towards your goal. It’s a time tested methodology in the business arena.
Follow AIDA and don’t directly ask customers to avail your service. Create an environment with effective message that directly hits customer’s mind then they’ll automatically avail your service. Good advertising is the key.
6. Reward Loyalty
Reward your repeated customers with discounted offers or complimentary gifts to appreciate their bond and loyalty with your company. Feature clients on your website and post their interviews on your blog.
7. Give back
Everyone likes free stuff. Giving away gifts to your audience can help a lot in getting the word out. You can announce a competition on popular blogs where your audience is likely to hang out. If you can’t afford gifts then consider giving a taste of your service for free.
8. Focus on Results
Time is money for everyone. So deliver what you have promised your customer but before or on time to develop trust between them and your company.
Hope this blog post was helpful to you. What methods do you use to keep your customer base happy and growing? Please let us know in your comments below.


  • Very interesting and informatic – am an hr professional and appriciate ur insight

  • Excellent points! solid relationships develops only when we build engagement and trust with our clients. Additionally we can top up AIDA with innovative and surprising services and offers – by doing thing that other businesses don’t often do – i.e. deliver products at home, compensate your mistake with complementary service or product, generously welcome each and every client at your business etc… People feel more valued if we give them respect and makes them important – instead of just giving them with free products and samples!

  • These point are much informative. but i want to add some points in this.
    1. Supporting Service Functionality (SSF):
    You should give Supporting services to ur customers by making easy ways of payment, Easy delievery of ur product to their homes and providing Excellent after sales services which u can…..

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