6 reasons to jump on to the Social Media Recruitment Bandwagon:

Social media recruiting is the new tool in the arsenal of recruitment methods that headhunters use to attract candidates. Unless you want to be left behind, jump on the bandwagon and gain the inherent benefits using different social channels.
Read the top 6 reasons, why you can’t afford to ignore this medium.
1. Access to millions of candidates:
Millions of job seekers have turned to social media for job search and now recruiters have this efficient tool to find the perfect candidate to target.
2. Interactive and Engaging resumes:
Normally a recruiter makes a decision in 30 seconds but candidates can grab their attention by making it more interactive. Candidates reflect more of their personalities by adding sound, video and info-graphics to their resumes.
3. A wonderful platform of opportunities:
Perfect talent hunt for the organization can be a difficult process. And that’s where Social media steps in, providing a platform and an opportunity to find and target the perfect candidate.
4. Faster than traditional methods:
Social media reduces expenses by saving time and money in comparison to the traditional recruitment process which can be tedious.
5. More transparency:
Social networking creates transparency between the employer and the employee. This helps in evaluating the candidate or the company using different channel.
6. Less overhead:
Organizing and rating employees take much of recruiter’s time. There are now tools like SmartRecruiters that takes care of the whole process from job creation to posting on different networks. This leaves the recruiter free to focus on more important tasks like assessment.

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