4 Tips for Overcoming Resistance to Change

Managing organizational change is one of the most difficult tasks a leader can commence.  Resistance to change acts as a negative energy capable of uncomforting entire teams.
If organization experiences change it may also need to implement new business strategies, which can create resistance among employees. While every organization is different, there are some common best practices that can help to overcome resistance.
Tip 1
Create a way to communicate with employees about new initiatives, ideas and their progress.
Tip 2
Involve employees in decision making and give updates about the organization happenings. Assuming that the employees have the expertise to make a meaningful contribution, their involvement can reduce resistance, obtain assurance, and increase the quality of the change decision.
Tip 3
When facing the change organization must facilitate & support employees to deal with their elevated fear and anxiety. Employee counseling and therapy, new-skills training, or a short paid leave of absence may facilitate adjustment.
Tip 4
No matter what an organization do, employees who aren’t interested in supporting the proposed change. Let them go punitively. They probably realize they won’t be a fit for changing organization, Treat the departure of these employees as an ongoing transition.
Change is an inevitable part of business; what would you suggest to avoid negative effects of Resistance to Change to an Organization?

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    The culture of your organization is, in part, affected by the types of social groups that flourish among the employees and that you, as the business owner, support. The culture of a company revolves around the core beliefs and common understandings of the organization as a whole. A company takes on the attitudes of its leaders, who direct and shape the standards for behavior utilized by the company. Involvement with a social organization can affect the basic culture of your company.

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