We design and build kick-ass apps that rock the web. Apps that are robust, engaging and at the bleeding edge of tech. Apps that addict and wow your users. Apps that are so beautiful, you would hang screenshots next to that Mona Lisa in your living room.

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"Ephlux provides New York based Stray Boots with web application and software development, maintenance and support services for their innovative and interactive travel and tours platform."

− Avi Millman CEO, Stray Boots

"You hear all the time about the bad experiences people have when outsourcing to India, Pakistan, China or Russia. Outsourcing to Ephlux will change your opinion and expectations."

− Mark Heninger CEO, Taurad LLC

"This is a team of enthusiasts who exceed your expectations; Ephlux knows exactly what they are doing. My interaction with them was refreshing and has redefined my perception of conventional outsourcing."

− Dr. Izhar Hasan President, Clinical Pearl

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Ephlux is an agile consulting and technology services company that provides premium-quality application, integration and marketing services that help our customers, employees and partners become and remain the leaders of change. We specialize in designing and developing mobile applications, social media marketing solutions and web applications.