JD Edwards Digital and Cloud Transformation

October 23, 2016
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Ephlux has launched JD Edwards Cloud Adoption Roadmap” for JD Edwards customers who are starting their transformation and cloud adoption initiatives.

What would this cover?

1. Assessment of JD Edwards Infrastructure and Integration readiness for hybrid cloud adoption
2.  Putting together a high level Integration Architecture – BSSV, AIS, SOA Platform etc.
3. Outlining JD Edwards Integration Roadmap – Identifying the key integration priorities
4. Which mobile platform is best for you? (Pre-built JDE apps, Native apps, Hybrid apps)
5. Which CRM is best for you (Service Cloud, Sales Cloud, Salesforce, MS Dynamics, SugarCRM
6. Which E-Commerce platform is best for you?
7. identifying your integrations with Shipment Carriers (FedEx, UPS etc.)
8. Digital Field Service for your JD Edwards Environment (Field Service Cloud)
9. internet of Things Business Case – outlining your IoT Roadmap

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