Ephlux Investment Webinar

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Webinar: Ephlux is raising capital and now you can be a partner in Ephlux growth

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Ephlux is:

  • One of the 2 Oracle partners who presented at IoT Customer Advisory Board.
  • Preferred partner globally with end-to-end integrated solution of IoT Cloud, Oracle Service Cloud, Field Service Cloud, Policy Automation and JD Edwards.
  • Conducting a joint go-to-market with Oracle in the US, Canada, UK, Nordic, Turkey, Saudia and ASEAN markets.
  • Partner of choice for JD Edwards and Oracle CX Cloud integration esp. Service Cloud & Field Service Cloud.

Ephlux has:

  • Enabled 150+ Oracle’s sales reps globally on its integrated solution.
  • Been Invited to Oracle HQ and Oracle Boston offices to enable 90 Oracle Service Cloud reps on IoT solutions.
  • Worked directly with Oracle IoT Cloud and Oracle Service Cloud product management teams to build, deploy and commercialize its IP at first customer.
  • Presented at 2 key panel discussions at OpenWorld on integrating IoT with Service Cloud and enterprise apps.

Webinar Details:

  • Wed – Oct 5th, 2016 - 9 am pacific
  • Not available at this time? Register anyways - you’ll get the recorded session for the webinar sent over to you to watch at your own time.

Investment best suited for:

  • Private Equity Investors with sound understanding of enterprise technologies.
  • Enterprise IoT Capital Funds looking to invest in an early-stage but high growth potential company.
  • High Worth Industry Veterans with sound experience working with global enterprise vendors.
  • Existing Oracle Partners looking for some strategic equity.

Register for a pre-approval here:


Email Address:

Contact No:

Best time to call:

LinkedIn Profile URL (preferred):

Describe why this opportunity interests you and why do you think there could be a good fit:


Once you get approved, you will receive an email with details on how to participate in the investment webinar. Questions? Reach out at info@ephlux.com



Only the wholesome experiences matter – from start to finish!

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Disconnect – a word that has the ability to shatter. A dreaded word because you just can’t imagine life without the internet. The terrorizing word that makes you feel miserable and lonely. Today, people want to share, compare, select with consent, recommend, show off or simply pry – people want to connect, be connected and stay that way. Any form of disconnect renders the human form frustrated and anxious. We may want to deny our absolute dependence on anything, but that’s that.

Apple iOS6 Features

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This week Apple’s WWDC (WorldWide Developers Conference) was held in San Francisco. Among all the announcements, Mountain OSX and Macbook pro were the one’s that caused the most excitement.

The announcement that attracts me, being a core iOS developer, is the release of iOS6 this fall.

iOS6 Beta is available to developers after WWDC but its release to common users is due later this year.

There are few interesting features, which iOS6 introduces.

Read on to know more.

WWDC Apple Keynote 2012 Roundup

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Apple at its annual Worldwide Developers Conference keynote at the Moscone Center, San Francisco announced and unveiled the upcoming software and hardware releases.

Tim Cook, CEO told in detail about the company’s plan of these new releases;
• Updated MacBook range.
• Mountain Lion OS X update.
• iOS 6 version
• Facetime Update
• New Apple maps app

Read on to know more.

8 Tips to Retain and Grow Customers

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If you are trying to attract new customers, keeping existing ones happy, or striving to do “both”. One principle holds true: It’s essential to develop solid relationships with your contacts.

Many small businesses suffer because they can’t maintain existing relationships when they are building new ones. In this post we will outline some easy and time tested ways which help to keep your current and past customer singing your praises and bring new ones on board.

Read on to find out.

6 Steps To Write RFP For Website Design & Development

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RFP WritingI receive everyday number of inquiries for website development from different regions and industries, to build sites from scratch or to revamp an existing one to make compatible with mobile devices and tabs. While going through these inquiries I have noticed few things (mostly from young entrepreneurs) which make trouble understanding the actual needs, it’s important while sending an RFP (Request For Proposal) one should clear their requirements because the feedback will be solely dependent on the inquiry.  Here’re few main things one should understand while inquiring for a website;

Social Commerce in Today’s World

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Social commerce is a kind of electronic commerce which is basically used for social media which supports social interaction and exchange of ideas. Social commerce mainly involves in buying and selling of the products & services for which EBAY & AMAZON are the best example today. They both are working on the basis of social commerce on a very large scale.

Digital Marketing Homepage Post

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Digital Marketing Services

Ephlux provides professional Web design services to help make your company’s online presence stand out from the crowd. We can design or re-design your current website, create a unique and memorable Corporate Identity, and work with you on all of your digital marketing needs.

App Services Homepage post

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Agile Applications for the Disruptive Age

Ephlux excels in providing application management, development and support services through intelligent collaborative sharing of process and systems with its customers and partners. Our delivery capabilities are strongly augmented by our global presence, international affiliations and robust communication strategies backed by state-of-the-art delivery and support infrastructure.


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Classy Tabs is a lightweight, jQuery based tab solution that creates clean,
fast, and efficient tabs. Powered by jQuery and CSS, Classy Tabs is free to use
and easy to personalize for all types of contents. You can use it to display plain
text, dynamic content, images, forms etc.

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US countrywide Education Scholarships Provider company with an experiential social media Facebook application.

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Ephlux came across an exciting opportunity through its partner network in California. An Education Scholarships Provider company, which focused on mothers and guardians for providing them scholarships to help them continue their education, required to launch a powerful social media Facebook Application to maximize its awareness. There were two basic objectives for the development of this project, the first being a highly interactive application resulting in high user experience.

What Your Website Says About Your Business?

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Providing consultancy to my clients is a part of my job, for the last few months I have come across with many clients who have the same business problem about how to make their digital presence better. There’s one common misconception I found in most of them that having a website is enough for taking business in digital media and it will be creating leads for them itself form internet.

The New Face of Facebook

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The social giant has banged again in the social media industry last week during F8 developers conference at San Francisco with a launch of complete new user profile calling it Timeline, now your Facebook profile is not similar in any way to how it used to be, Mark Zuckerberg said at the launch of new Timeline at F8 conference;

Google Chrome turns 3

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Celebrations seem to be non-stop in the headquarters of Google as yet another milestone made the internet giant Celebrations seem to be non-stop in the headquarters of Google as yet another milestone made the internet giant proud through its leading internet browser Google Chrome successfully completing three years.

Avenue App Store – A Breakthrough for Windows Users

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Just when you thought that Microsoft’s big leaps of progress are over for this year after Skype Acquisition and a vibrant utilitarian solution of Windows 8 for its users, the computer giant takes one more step upward by getting Avenue App Store for Windows. Launched by Woodland Hills based Nevolution, Avenue App Store is simply an easy to use, lightning-fast and instantaneously available solution for fully functional Windows Apps.

Google Goes Social Again with Google+

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Started as a search engine, Google gave many surprises to the users time to time by continuous innovations in the internet world. Google is always up expanding its offerings and that’s how it reached from internet to mobile computing through today’s most favorite mobile OS Android. Although they were not successful in their attempts every time and social networking is still an area where so far they’ve largely failed. They have been working on this extensively but their earlier efforts in social network Google Buzz and Wave vanished like nothing from the market but now they are back again with Google+ Project which one would think is their last real chance to make an impact.

Google Wallet – Launch or Lawsuit

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During last week of May, the hot news in the mobiles & gadgets industry was the launch of Google

Wallet which shifted the mind of people from the big news of Skype acquired by Microsoft. Although

Google Wallet has not launched yet and there’s no specific date announced but Stephanie Tilenius, Google VP of E-commerce said during the demo of Google Wallet that it will be out this summer.

Google Wallet is an android application with NFC enabled terminals, which allows users to pay by a tap on their mobile screen. Today not all of the phones support NFC technology, Nexus S is the only Android phone which is NFC supported

. Google has welcomed other platforms to collaborate with the online giant that will help to broaden the support of Google Wallet. “We will keep it open as much as possible” said by Google officials.

Google aims with this app to improvise the shopping trend for businesses and consumers by making it easy just by tap and pay for the goods. It will also allow users to save their credit cards, loyalty and gift cards. The phone will automatically trade in offers and save loyalty points earned in the trade. Initially, Citi Master Cards and Google Prepaid cards will be supported by the application which will maintain almost any other payment card.

Another story that heated up this news was the lawsuit by PayPal on Google just after the announcement of Google Wallet claiming that Google has gained their business secrets and used them for making of this application. Osama Bedier, who was a former employee of PayPal for 9 years in their mobile payment platform, was hired by Google in Jan 2011. It is in saying that Bedier has shared the documents with Google which sketch out PayPal mobile payment plans.

It’s not the first time Google and PayPal are going like this on each other. Both companies had a battle earlier in 2006 when Google Checkout was launched; however that did not bring any impact on the PayPal ascendancy. The statements from Google officials are now coming in which show their respect to trade secrets and preparing to defend them against the claim by PayPal. The stakes are high and the end result will be coming out from the Superior Court of the State of California where the lawsuit has been claimed.

Since this lawsuit news has created a question mark on the release of the app. Android lovers are anxiously waiting for the outcome in favor of Google so they can explore this tap and pay idea of Google Wallet.

Mobile Applications – A growing business trend

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“Mobile apps are gaining the momentum as more people are shifting towards smart phones.”


The mobile application marketplace will reach $25 billion by 2015, according to a report from World Mobile Applications Market, a U.S.-based market research firm.

Companies are heading more towards the mobile app development or getting their website converted in to mobile applications in order to keep their customers in reach even if they are away from computer and internet.

Despite the fact that it is difficult to make the user download the particular app, than getting him connected through the brand’s corporate website, there is quite significant growth seen in the app market. But, it is extremely important that the design and the usability should be mainly, according to the user’s requirement. Although mobile applications have several added benefits over mobile web pages in terms of user experience. There are few reasons why companies don’t go for apps and rely on mobile websites. Even though, a mobile website is nothing but a distilled version of the company’s corporate website, but it can be accessed through any browser enabled handset. On the contrary building mobile application is relatively costly and there are different platform for mobiles which include iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile, Symbian etc. Each requires specific set of skills to develop a particular app and make it run on various smart phones.

According to a survey, it has been observed that growth of the mobile application is also dependent upon the use of mobile data plans. Currently in US, about 25% of wireless subscribers have  data plans. But by 2012, around 60% of mobile users in the US will subscribe to a data plan. Data plans are crucial to mobile app growth, because they provide consumers an incentive to download applications.

As a Smartphone user, what features do you require particularly in a company’s app, which makes you download it?

What makes Apple a Lovemark?

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According to Kevein Roberts, Lovemarks are those charismatic brands people get emotional about. Take away a brand, people find its replacement. Take away a lovemark and people protest.

Rationale behind why apple lovers’ support this argument is that, Apple understand their dreams. Know what they want and when they want it, and create great experiences that make apple a part of their lives.

According to a study, students at Stanford University were asked how they would feel if Apple were to go bankrupt tomorrow. The majority of respondents answered they would feel very sad. On the other hand, when asked the same question about another company (I won’t actually name that company here); the students said they wouldn’t be much bothered about it.

The study is simple but clearly reveals a fact: Apple’s biggest asset is the devotion and attachment of its customers. Furthermore, Apple is a ‘Love Mark’ that receives a great deal of affection from its customers.


Apple is quite successful in its ability to make a strong emotional connection with its customers. Because from a company’s point of view, we all want to be regarded as special to our customers and develop an emotional connection with them.But still this statement is argued by many people who don’t think that apple is a lovemark and it is said so because of Apple’s unique marketing campaigns that have taken apple to this level.

For this reason, to become a lovemark, brands need to have a long term love affair with their customers. Apple has come to the stage where it has surpassed all the barriers in moving itself from a good brand to a lovemark.

What do you think, what makes Apple a Lovemark?

Should vendors be adaptive or obstructive towards apps developed by competitors?

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I came up with this question while going through the latest news about Apple blocking Sony’s e-book app and Kindle might be next in line.Sony said in a prepared statement that it has “opened a dialog with Apple” but has “reached an impasse at this time.” On the other hand Apple says that we are now requiring that if an app offers customers the ability


to purchase books outside of the app, that the same option is also available to customers from within the app with in-app purchase.

This is definitely not the first time it has happened and vendors like Apple have been obstructive towards the apps of competitors on nearly every level i.e. iPhone, iPad and MAC.

It is anticipated that this sort of rivalry will get more common when we have open operating systems like Android being offered by almost every other vendor. What variables and reasoning do you anticipate behind these decisions? Do you think in the current open source environment, companies restricting themselves to their native apps can survive? Will the users adapt to friendly environment devices or closed ones such as Apple’s?

How to give winning job interviews?

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As there are not a lot job opportunities available in the market therefore making the best use of the given opportunity is very imperative.Job Interview Phase

Interview phase is very important and if an applicant performs well in it, then there are brighter chances of getting shortlisted and finalized. However, applicants tend to get nervous in this key stage, no matter how competent they are, candidates at times tumble during their job interviews, which lessens their chances of selection.

One of its reasons can be lack of preparation; on the other hand over preparation or thinking too much about the interview can also cause problems especially to the fresh graduates.

My question is, how can the interviewees give successful job interviews? Please share your suggestions and personal experience on how you deal with such an important phase?

Symfony vs CakePHP…which model would you choose?

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Considering different aspects of CakePHP and Symfony models which one do you prefer and why? Keep in light different technological and functional aspects such as CLI, ORM(Doctrine and Propel), admin generator, learning YAML, developer forum, plugins, time saving, ease of use, CURD, learning curve, syntax and architecture.

Feel free to respond on our blog as well: blog.ephlux.com

Enterprise Architecture: Vast Promise or Lost Opportunity?

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Tightening IT budgets and the rise of the cloud are converging to form a critical juncture for the enterprise

architect. At this moment, enterprise architects have a unique chance to usher in concepts like business architecture and fine-tune business agility. Will they make progress or squander the opportunity?

The economy’s grip on IT budgets and the fast-changing sourcing models like cloud computing are pointing to a reckoning for EA — of now defining a vast new promise for IT business alignment improvement or, conversely, a potentially costly lost opportunity.

The need for EA seems to be more pressing than ever, yet efforts to professionalize EA do not necessarily lead to increased credibility and adoption, at least not yet.

we squashed many bugs in latest beta

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Homepage post

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What we bring to the table?

With a decade full of experience with middleware enterprise integration on SOA  architectures and being at the cutting edge on social media, smartphone app development and cloud computing over the past 5 years we bring to your table a very strong proposition.


Why General Agile Is Not Enough – Why Scrum Wins

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The simplicity of Scrum. The high visibility. The collaborative approach. The frequent delivery of product. All in all, Scrum really did transform the relationship between IT and the business units. And transformed our ability to deliver.

However general agile is more loose ended with less control and prone to unstable delivery and project management. What are your thoughts?