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Edifying E-commerce Solutions: Success Factors and ROI Analysis at a glance

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In my previous article, I talked a bit about the values, capabilities and features that an e-commerce solution should entail. Considering the importance of e-commerce websites nowadays, I feel that an in-depth look at the factors that lead to a successful e-commerce solution is nothing less than necessary. With the growing popularity of online shopping, web sales have a major impact on the overall success of the business. Easier said than done, creation and management of an online business is a rewarding, yet an overall challenging endeavor.


An Ideal e-commerce solution from a third-party: Myth or Reality?

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Online stores are the latest in mission-critical businesses – owing to their being significant revenue drivers, the e-commerce websites are gaining traction and attention. Now, it is not just important to have an e-commerce website, but instead the struggle for a more sophisticated application that best meets their current and future needs should carry on.


Defining successful e-commerce integration strategies with JD Edwards

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With e-commerce innovation on the rise, and because there has been more growth during the past year than there has been during the last decade, organizations will be seen adjusting their strategies to meet the changing environment in which they operate. Nothing is more transformative to operations than an ERP Implementation – and when the ERP Implementation is JD Edwards, proper integration and better operations can be counted on.


How to go about a multi-channel mobile strategy for your enterprise

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As there is an increase in the use of mobile devices within the workplace, your focus should clearly be on building mobile enterprise applications. The trouble arises when you get stuck between the decision of making a one for all app/website or having to develop separately for individual devices. Here you’re looking for a multi-channel approach, a single process that can be deployed intelligently on any device.


Is your Organization Ready for the new Enterprise Mobility Reality?

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It’s highly recommended that your organization develops plans for transitioning from Blackberry to other mobile devices and enterprise mobility management platforms within the next year. Surprised? You would be if you’ve stayed with Blackberry even through its dark hours during the past few years.


Enterprise Mobile Apps – The new age for mobile working

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Mobile enterprise apps, that’s what’s the hot topic is today. Mobile Application Management (MAM) is a new part of the still young Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM). Although young, it’s exciting to see as growth is expected in large numbers in this area, especially when you look at the growth from Mobile Device Management (MDM).

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Oracle EBS for Mobile Apps – Making Waves in the Enterprise World

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Change has been accepted in the technology industry more openly than any other industry has ever dreamed of. Well, that’s because technology has always seemed to have made work more efficient and convenient for the users. The corporate industry has always given in to new solutions for data management – those that make more work automatic, data secure and reports readily available. Now, the latest hard sell is ‘mobile business’ – being able to run corporate applications and processes on the go!


Oracle Cloud | Fusion Apps = power of cloud, SOA, social, mobile and big-data combined!

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The niche cloud service providers have long been providing  ’software-as-a-service’ offerings. However, standing in the way of mass enterprise-grade adoption of such offerings have been the concerns over security, inter-operability, lack of open-standards and most importantly the inability of these offerings to provide an agile enterprise architecture – an enterprise architecture that can seamlessly integrate the 3rd party cloud offerings with in-house IT assets and can orchestrate business processes that span within and beyond the enterprise boundaries.

Launch of Oracle Weblogic 12c – and c stands for cloud!

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With Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c already in Market Oracle now launches WebLogic Server 12c, in which the ‘C’ appears to be shorthand for “cloud,” will succeed version 11g, which was first released in July 2009.

Upcoming features include:

  • Java EE 6,
  • Active GridLink for RAC (Real Application Clusters),
  • Traffic Director, and
  • Virtual Assembly Builder, as per oracle.

It also has more exalogic like features:

  • Parallel muxers with Java NIO APIs for low-level I/O based operations
  • An optimized work scheduler providing improvements to the Increment Advisor used to manage the size of WebLogic Server’s Self-Tuning Thread Pool
  • “Lazy” de-serialization of session data on the replica server until required.
  • Multiple replication channels for synchronous in-memory session replication between servers in a WebLogic cluster
  • Adjustments for supporting the  Infiniband and SDP

With the emergence of cloud computing Oracle also puts its way forward by making common platform for all of its products and this is where Oracle Weblogic 12c comes in where all of the Oracle family products can reside and talk to each other.  In addition to this, we already have Oracle Fusion applications in the markets which  are designed as a complete suite of modular applications.  This cloud architecture help customer to improve performanace, lower IT costs and enables the customer to have the business solution which will be completely aligned to their needs and can grow with their business.

For further information www.ephlux.com/integration/

SEO – Standing one in a million or standing one of a million

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SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization is purely a dynamic and malleable curriculum that requires a lot of flexibility and agility. It is a process of empowering the distinction and perceptibility of a web page among the whole network of web pages and web sites. This can be assisted as a consultant who can optimize projects on behalf of the clients.seo

The necessity of SEO has emerged lately, according to a study, 68% of the total searchers go only through the first page, and more likely the others don’t go beyond the third page. So for being among the top 30 searches, inevitably requires a lot of intellect.

The origin of SEO was dated back in mid 1990’s when Webmaster and the content provider had started their sites to be optimized. This process of optimization involved the submission of web address to the search engine, which in return dispatches spiders to navigate and pinpoint the given page. Then those spiders collect links to other pages and return the page that is to be indexed. The search engine then starts downloading and simultaneously stores the pages.

Then later in the year 2005 AirWeb, an annual conference was conducted to converse on the very obvious issue of search optimization.

Now at present there are different techniques involved in SEO that may include meta tagging, adaptability of keywords, designing of complex and multifarious searching algorithms, indexing, back linking, assorted targeting of images and texts, PPC(paying per click) etc.

SEO has a great impact on one’s business and companies are spending a vigorous amount on this vicinity, as it opens the gateway for the consumers to establish well in the market and to stand one in a MILLION.